Prompt Orthopedic Clinic® - Est.2005.

Meet the Founder:

We are proud to offer consulting and licensing opportunities nationally.  Prompt Orthopedic Clinics specializes in immediate orthopedic evaluations and treatment of fractures, sprains, strains, sports injuries, joint pain-swelling, back pain, treatment of arthritis, ligament injuries and pre-surgical evaluations.

Our clinics offer "immediate access to highly trained orthopedic providers which enables patients to be seen with shorter wait times and allowing patient to pay hundreds of dollars less than going to an emergency room ".   

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Prompt Orthopedic Clinics® LLC . is the Premier Authority in Orthopedic Urgent Care /Sports Medicine Clinic's in the Nation. 


"Increasing Patient Satisfaction While Improving Practice ​Efficiency"  

Through our consulting we offer Reproducible Orthopedic Urgent Care growth seen up to 100 plus %... ​ 

​John Mohnickey PA-C, SA, ST  
He is a nationally respected Orthopedic /Sports Med.PA, practicing since 1990 and has been seen in Orthopedics today ,Orthopedics Practice Management and AAPA PA Professinal Magazine
In 2004 he recognized the need by his athletic patients for same day evaluations. This lead in 2005 to a limited access Prompt / Urgent /  Same day/Fast Track Model allowing for same day access to a Orthopedic Provider.After PROOFING his Model he then traveled and met with a group of 3 progressive Orthopedic/Sports Med surgeons, shared his Model with that group and the PROMPT ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC® was founded.  Since 2005, he has CONSULTED / STAFFED / SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED Orthopedic Clinics Nationally.     
He developed the first single  portal diagnostic scope the "InView"- BioMed now the "MyEye" system.
Designed a Toto l Knee poly insert-Depuy.
Development team- Stryker Navigation Total Knee/Hip replacement
Designed the Mini U arm xray - Konica/Minolta.



​ Highly Trained Orthopedic Providers 11 plus years of success

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