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Through our consulting we offer Reproducible Orthopedic Urgent Care growth seen up to 100 plus %... ​ 

Reproducible Clinical Growth  seen up to 
​100 plus %.​

Partnering with Practices Looking to:

Consulting-- We offer our 11 Plus  years of Experience in the development of  Same Day/Urgent Care/Immediate access Clinics .

· Comparison of Franchise -Investor model verses Our Licensing Agreement 

· On Site Practice evaluations to evaluate for:
Practice Plus Program
* Additional Services = Additional Revenue Streams affecting your bottom Line
Telemedicine Caring Based Medicine
In House Pharmacy Injection Program
  DME Management
  Nerve conduction studies Provider staffing
· Development  of the Best Model  to Grow your Practice.
· Assistance with Clinic set up from Turn key to  installation of X-Ray/ MRI, Office furniture, Staffing, Patient flow and additional tied ancillary services
· Proven Marketing Programs - Use of our Registered/ Trade marked Logo'

· We give you the know-how and you keep control!

The Orthopedic Specialist,will see you NOW ! ™ 
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"HurtToday ,SeenToday"™

HurtTodaySeenToday Ortho™

The Right Care, Right NOW ! ™  
    Prompt Orthopedic Clinics®

NOW, No need to Wait ! ™   
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ON my WAY ™  web/smart phone app. 
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Skip the ER ? ™    
    OrthoFirst ® 
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Immediate Access Clinic ™ 
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Urgent Access Clinic ™ 
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Not only is the ER BROKEN? ™ 
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